Taking the guesswork out of supplements and providing you the science behind the cells.

Health Down to the DNA


YouthSpring is a wellness lifestyle company focused on delivering effective, natural health solutions that combine the science of cellular information and DNA epigenetics with the power of select nutraceuticals to help you perform, restore, and protect your mind and body. Our meticulously selected natural ingredients are placed into each formula in an attempt to maximize the DNA restoration and protection process in the body.   View our science page to see information about the studies and data that power our products.


Supplements that keep your mind in Focus and your body in Motion

YouthSpringDNA supplements are completely physician-formulated. We take the guesswork out of your supplementation by customizing the best neutraceuticals to assist in mental health and joint comfort.

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Joint health and mobility issues affect millions of Americans every day. Inflammation plays a large role in joint discomfort and can affect freedom of movement and overall connective tissue health. Motion is a unique formula that combines four select herbal extracts to support the body's healthy inflammatory response, help maintain healthy connective cartilage tissue, and promote easy, comfortable joint function.



Formulated by nutrition experts, Logic combines earth-grown ingredients for fast-acting, tangible results. The secret? A combination of carefully selected nutrients that work in perfect synergy to support overall cognitive health and performance. Simply put, Logic takes the guesswork out of choosing a brain supplement. This is the most complete, balanced brain supplement available today. Results come standard.